Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Game Boy Generation

Last week I asked you to comment on whether you think the time spent by today's youth on electronic entertainment has a significant effect on their social skills.

Some people mentioned problems with excessive electronic game playing, especially the resultant lack of physical exercise. Other readers countered by pointing out that some neighborhoods are now simply too dangerous to allow kids to roam at will. Games and TV can help to entertain when children must spend time indoors. Still others have seen kids bond in positive ways over the games, sharing strategies and using games as a reason to get together.

Perhaps the key word is "balance." Most of you seemed to feel that computer games can play a reasonable role as long as children's lives also include other activities. Michelle Pendergrass, who contributes to a blog called Writer ...Interrupted, summed this up well with a single line in her response: "Anything in excess always causes problems."

Thanks again, everyone, for all your contributions.

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  1. Great discussion. My kids are 7 and 9 and we don't have Playstation or anything yet. They shared a gameboy they got for Christmas, but somebody left it in Georgia and we didn't replace it.

    Their computer has games on it, but it ends up turned off a lot -- logical consequences for arguing about the computer. I think electronics are great, as long as they enhance relationships.

    I'm sure someday we'll take the plunge with Playstation 2 (probably about when Playstation 12 comes out). I'm hoping it will be a family game at that point.