Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friendship amazes me.

Dear Andrew,

Friendship amazes me. Friends are these random people that you meet in your life, and they have absolutely no obligation to you, yet they stick by you through the hardest times in your life. They end up being your rock.

Signed, Twyla

Dear Twyla,

Thank you for these wonderful words, left as part of a comment for last week's Ask the Faithful Readers question about re-connecting with old friends. I liked this thought so much that I emailed your words immediately to one of my best friends, who happens to live several thousand miles away.

All the best,

Dear Andrew,

For me, re-connecting with an old friend and doing it well completely has to do with whether or not she and I are in the same place in life. I think when there has been a disconnect in a friendship, what brings it back together is a commonality. If you don't have that commonality, then you don't have anything to spark conversation, so that you can re-discover what it was about that person that you loved so much.

Signed, Kelly

Dear Kelly,

Your suggestion makes good sense to me. One of those commonalities can be the past you share, which gives some old friends all the conversation fodder they need.

Thanks to you and the other readers who left comments. I agree with all of you -- friendships can truly be amazing!

All the best,

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  1. Hi, Dr. Andrew,

    I invite you to read a post on my blog entitled, "S.E., Baby!". It's all about my 38 year old friendship with my (still) best friend, Maria. We have been each other's rock through puberty, dating, marriages, divorces, issues with children, issues with in-laws, job woes and everything else that you can think of! I am truly blessed for my "Seestah", and I love her to peices. Everyone should be so lucky!