Friday, November 03, 2006

Helping a Friend

I had another post scheduled for today, but something has come up to make me change my plans. Recently I posted about blogging friends; well now it's time for me to be one.

Kellie at One Mother's Journey has been a regular on this site since the very beginning. Her blog chronicles her struggles with infertility, which she has handled with courage and a wonderful sense of humor. Last night I found out Kellie must have surgery that permanently ends her chances of having children, and that she likely has cancer. She will find out the results of lab tests regarding the cancer very soon. In the blink of an eye she has gone from hoping for children, to hoping that the surgery will be enough to get the cancer and that she can escape the need for chemo and radiation.

I can barely imagine how this must be turning her life upside down, as well as that of her husband and family. She could really use some support from the blogging community.

Please take a moment today to visit Kellie's site and offer a few words of encouragement. Thanks.

And Kellie, we're all pulling for you. Good luck and get well soon!


  1. I can't imagine how heartbreaking and scary this situation must be for her.

  2. Thank you SO much Andrew. I'm just in awe at the amount of support I've received online. It has just been amazing.

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I'm sorry to hear about Kellie's situation. Sometimes, it's so hard to understand life and where it's leading us to. But amidst all the confusion, hardship and pain, all we can do is continue to have strong faith in God and never let that spark of hope disappear. Sometimes, a little hope gives us that most needed push to pick up the pieces and move on. I'll pray for Kellie and hope everything will be alright.