Thursday, December 28, 2006

You May Regret Reading This Post!

Or you may not. Who knows, maybe you're into really bad take-offs of Christmas songs. In any case, so many of you were kind enough to respond to the most recent Question of the Week that I was inspired to burst into song. Sing along with me now. You know how the tune goes.

*clears throat*

The 12 Days of Christmas
(except we're only doing 5 days)

On the first day of Christmas, Margaret said to me,
"My family loves me all through the year!"

On the second day of Christmas, Klynn said to me,
"Money's always tight,
and thank God it's over for another year!"

On the third day of Christmas, Mark said to me,
"Presents are the culprits,
Meeting expectations
Are the reasons Christmas's stressful every year."

On the fourth day of Christmas, Smallfat said to me,
"I start in November,
Playing festive music,
Despite the obligations,
What a cheery way to finish off the year!"

On the fifth day of Christmas, Thee Hannah shared with me,
"Five holiday rules:
No gifts for older cousins,
Likewise for my friends,
No need to cook big meals,
Only do the things you like this time of year!"


Okay, so there were only four holiday rules in that last verse. She also said her family lessens their holiday stress because, "We don't let other people hijack our vacation time; we don't feel obligated to attend every single holiday function to which we are invited."

Thanks to everyone who left a comment. I hope your brand of holiday celebrating was wonderful ... or maybe you're still in the midst of it. In any case, I appreciate the contributions!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new Dismaying Story. See you then!


  1. I see that the holiday break inspired a creative streak. Very good, I enjoyed your song!

  2. I like how you rhymed year with year... with year, with year, with year.

  3. That was adorable!

    Hey, why isn't the New Year here yet? I'm so dismayed. =O(