Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stories About Gaining Closeness

A big thank you to each of you who left a story for last week's question about building bridges with the people in your life. The responses make for a refreshing collection; they restore my faith in our collective desire to be close to one another and in our willingness to reach out.

The stories include long-distance friends propping each other up, a mother who is grateful for the closeness she has with her daughters, forgiveness for a mother after many years when closeness was missing, help for a neighbor in a time of need, reconnecting with elderly parents, selflessness in a community crisis, and making a special trip with a son. If you haven't had a chance to read them, I recommend you take a look. I suspect you will find them as heartwarming as I did.

My favorite contribution is from a reader who left only his first name, Tom, so I am unable to reciprocate with a link. Tom writes about losing himself in the bottle, separating from his wife, and then...

"I had an awakening and came to her and asked if we could save the marriage. She showed me divorce papers and said she had reached a point of indifference. I asked if she would give me a chance and put the papers in a drawer until we got some help. Three months later I paid her back for the lawyer and we burned the papers together, stayed in therapy and I got sober. That was eleven years ago and we are happier than ever. I am my 15 year old son's hero and my wife loves me unconditionally. But more important, I love them and will never allow the world to come between them and myself again."

Now that's what I call a Good News Story! Tom, good for you and your wife for your successful reconnection. You definitely have a marriage worth fighting for! Thanks for sharing your tale, and also to everyone else who did the same.

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