Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Facing Down Our Fears

A great big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who contributed to the last Question of the Week. I asked what role you see fears playing in people’s tendencies when it comes to relationships. The responses covered a range of topics, from shy people who appear snobby, to “testing” potential mates because of insecurities, and how some 12-step programs recognize the role of fear in bringing character challenges to the fore. The collection of comments makes for interesting reading.

I was particularly struck by the candor of Loving Annie. She wrote:

Fear has definitely colored my life. Fear of loneliness and abandonment has kept me isolating myself a lot, when connecting and being warm and emotionally available would have served me much better.

Those are powerful words. We all want connections but it’s not always easy to allow them to happen. Thanks Annie, as well as everyone else who pitched in this week.

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