Saturday, February 10, 2007

Question of the Week #25: The Season of Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up! As you can imagine, this is a big deal here at To Love, Honor, and Dismay. Despite all stories I receive about the unfortunate challenges people face, I’m still a big believer in the joy of being with the one you love. To me, celebrating that joy is part of what special occasions like Valentine’s Day are all about.

So the Question of the Week is simple: What is your favorite Valentine’s Story?

This could be about you and the love of your life. Or maybe you remember a touching incident from your school days, back when exchanging paper valentines was still a hot thing to do ... and it took all your courage to deliver the big one to that special someone in your class.

Perhaps you know a touching story about someone else. Or maybe the story isn’t touching -- it could be hilarious, difficult to believe, or just downright entertaining.

In any case I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. I’ll nominate a couple of personal favorites next week.


  1. Wasabi10:38 PM

    My story is not so much sweet or touching, but more along the lines of your "hilarious" and "entertaining" queries.

    My husband and I started dating a few months after his last relationship ended. I didn't know a whole lot about their relationship, but I always got the feeling that if she hadn't left him for someone else, he'd still be happily with her, worshipping the ground she walked on. It seemed a bit like he cared much more about her than he did for me and I have to admit it was intimidating. He was so enamored of her that I couldn't help but wonder if I was just a band-aid/rebound after she broke his heart. People he introduced me to were always surprised to see that he had actually moved on from her. Ouch!

    For our first Valentine's day, though, he put on a huge production. He bought me some little gifts that he had searched high and low for. He also filled a box full of children's Valentine cards, each of them listing one of many reasons why he loved me. Then he got dressed up, took me to the ballet (which was special because I studied ballet for years), and then out for a fabulous dinner. Shortly after that day, he ran into his ex at the store, and told her all the details of our Valentine's Day. She snorted, "Wow. Geez. When's the wedding."

    Turns out, she was still bitter about the Valentine's Day that passed during THEIR relationship. He had showed up at her house to hang out on the evening of the 14th, having forgotten it was Valentine's Day. In fact, it didn't occur to him until he was using her bathroom. She walked in on him, sitting on her toilet using his cell phone to call and order last-minute flowers, and he was busted. She was not impressed with his charming multi-tasking skills!

    I've tried to avoid thinking that I had been competing for his heart, but knowing that I was worth a big Valentine's to a non-romantic guy, has meant a LOT to me over the years. To this day, he makes a big deal out of the holiday.

  2. No awesome stories, just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope you are having a good weekend, Andrew !

  3. jacqui4:33 PM

    Hey Andrew,

    It's been a while. Things are settling back to somewhat normal in my house, if there is such a thing as normal in my house.

    My new pup has become the love of my life and has filled the void by the recent happenings in my life.

    As for Valentines Day...

    I say chocolate is the best gift. Yes...just slather it on with maybe a little whipped cream (not reciprical because I hate whipped cream) and have your just dessert.

    PS: This also works with chocolate cake. You know...have your cake and eat it too! LOL

  4. As a child, Valentine's Day meant hoping that you received a suitable number of cards in the lacy box at school. Nobody wanted to be the child without many cards, therefore; the class nerd. It was an awful time of dread and then thankfulnesss that you got enough cards to be respectable.
    When I was a teenager, my Dad started buying small heart shaped boxes of Fanny Farmer chocolates for his three daughters and a larger one for my Mom. He continued to buy these boxes and deliver them all around town after we married and left home. He added our little daughters as they arrived and Valentine's Day was a special thing between a man and the females who loved him so much. I never wanted my husband to start on the commercial Valentine's thing, because it still belongs to my memory of my Dad and the very special thing he had with his girls.

  5. hi there -
    I wrote about just this topic a few days ago on my blog. Maybe you'll stop by one day and check it out.

    Happy V-Day.


  6. Well, I got proposed to last year on V-Day. That was the best one so far. :)

  7. When my husband (then boyfriend) called me to tell me was going to be late for our first valentines together, I was braced for it to end badly.

    He had trouble getting off work and then his car wouldn't start, he told me. He was trying, but he couldn't make any promises.

    I'd had a long string of lousy Valentines days by that point and figured this one was going to be the same. He'd gotten cold feet, or met another girl or had simply decided that I was wrong for him.

    But I swallowed all my apprehensive questions and said I would wait.

    In those days, my little apartment was the meeting ground of friends and it wasn't uncommon for people to trail in on a Saturday evening and not leave until sometime near dawn--or even Monday morning. This was one of those times as far as they were all concerned. And as it began to look like he wasn't going to make it, I was grateful for the company. They'd seen me through a lot of heartache, and I think part of their agenda was to make sure I didn't get hurt again.

    He did arrive--four hours late in a borrowed car--with flowers and a card. He had no choice but to hand me the card and the flowers and kiss me in front of a whooping and cheering audience (you had to know the crowd) and wait while I read what he'd written. Inside the card was a beautiful message with the words, "I love you" added almost nervously at the end. I read it and looked at him wide-eyed and afraid that I'd might be misunderstanding what he was trying to tell me. He swallowed and said it outloud amid more cheers. It took me a second to realize that I probably ought to say it back (I'd started to write it on the inside of mine, but decided not to rush him). Talk about performance pressure!

    We then left the chattering throng and went for a walk in the park, where--I kid you not--there were couples of all ages walking hand in hand--a pair of dogs playing tag with a stick on the grass, birds singing and a soft wind blowing. The only thing missing was the orchestra. We watched the sun set and went out to dinner at a very nice local restaurant.

    When we returned, my friends peered out the apartment window (third story of a converted old house) while he kissed me good night on the front steps. I got lots of high-signs.

    We've had a lot of lovely (and more private) Valentines Days since then, but none of them more beautiful.

    I double-checked this memory with him recently (we've been together for nearly twenty years). You know how the memory changes the brush strokes. But he assured me that my memory is accurate. It was as though once we'd cleared all the hurdles we had go over in order to get there, God had decided to give us both a pretty clear message that we were headed in the right direction.