Friday, July 16, 2010

Venus and Mars

I just saw a commercial on TV, obviously aimed at men, which has a voice-over that goes like this:

"You're at home, on your couch, in your tighties. NICE!"

And it struck me -- that's the difference between what appeals to men and women. I mean, does that sum it up in a nutshell or what? I can't imagine the ladies getting excited about that image, but apparently Big Marketing seems to think that's what men want. And who could argue with that?

Oh and stay tuned - Twilight has asked me to chime in on the whole vampire story / Twilight (no relation) phenomenon, so that's coming soon.


  1. Dang, I think that's one of my favorite pictures I have found for a post :o)

  2. Cute doggy - and much cuter than a guy in his.....yes, I had to look up the definition "tighties" (lol!) I think in the UK the garments are (or were once upon a time) called Y Fronts. I think they became old hat (or old knickers) when boxer shorts took over as the "cool" choice. ;-)