Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is Anyone Still Out There?

Don't look so surprised. Okay, so it's been a long time since I posted anything here, but I've just been a little preoccupied with life. It's not like I fell off the Earth or anything. Let's see, since my last post I've moved from one country to another, watched two children graduate, and eaten way too many bowls of ice cream. Okay, so maybe "too many" is all in your point of view. Possibly "just enough" from my point of view, but "several hundred too many" from my wife's. But I digress...

I thought I'd pop up a quick post and see if anyone is still paying attention. Would I blame you if you weren't? Nah. Of course not. But heck, nothing ventured, nothing ... ventured.

Hey, here's one piece of news worth noting. My good friend Thomas K. Matthews just had a novel published with Authorhouse. It's called Ancient Anger. The story explores the prophecies of the end of the world when the Mayan calendar expires (which is coming right up, in 2012). The story is told from the point of view of a pair of anthropologists who solve the riddle of ancient writings, and a present-day Mayan priest who has a disturbing habit of dredging up rituals that might have been more popular in ancient Mexico. At the top of a stone temple. With lots of people looking on and chanting and sacrificing and... well, you get the idea. It's an exciting read, with plenty of twists and turns. Check it out on Amazon if you're into that sort of story.

I'd also like to know how many of my blogging friends are still online. Are your blogs still active? Have all of you moved to Facebook now? Or maybe I should say ... Have y'all moved to Facebook now. After all, I did spend a couple of years in Texas!

I hope everyone is doing well. Leave me a comment if you happen to drop in.

I'll try to post again soon,
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