Friday, July 14, 2006

Yes, DO Try This One At Home...

Any relationship tends to be stronger when the partners feel good about themselves individually. Here is a good reminder of one way to help make that happen.


  1. Andrew thanks leaving a comment on my blog. As far as strong relationships go my mantra is, first get a life then a relationship.:)

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the lovely quote you sited at my comments. This is an interesting site about relationships! Great blog : )

  3. Yes, I agree. The best relationship is when each partner has a sense of self-esteem and feels good about themselves. Having a low self-esteem about oneself can be damaging in a relationship. The insecurities that one may have can sabotage the relationship and their own well-being.

    I researched self-esteem and self-love for the past fifteen years and written a book.

    The one thing I learned about relationships, I am on my second marriage (first one was abusive) is that we have to be true to ourselves and what it is we truly want. I have come to realize at my age - nearly hitting 40! is that what I thought was so important in my 20's and 30's, to me now, is so frivilous.

    Who cares about the dishes or dirty laundry. Who cares about the socks that are on the bedroom floor - what is important is how we respect each other in a relationship and that we are there for eachother emotionally and physically. We have to be true to what it is we want and realize we cannot "control" others and mold them into people we want them to be.

    Self-esteem is very important and it is what makes us or breaks us.

  4. Hi beachwriter,

    It sounds like you have found some inner peace in your life, not to mention harmony in your marriage. Good for you. It's nice if the logistical issues like housework can be relegated to a lower level of importance than the emotional side. To those with busy children, though, the dishes and the laundry can represent significant life challenges. Sharing the workload effectively can be one key to having a chance to enjoy life without feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully I can provide reponsive suggestions for folks in all sorts of relationship circumstances.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts.