Friday, August 25, 2006

A Weighty Issue

If you wish you could lose weight or are struggling to do so, then you should read this article. It is the most insightful and heartfelt post on the issue of weight loss I have read in quite some time.


  1. hello:) thanks for coming by my blog. as for weight issues.... im already punishing myself enough with the aerobics class!!!! :D

  2. Like the author of that article, I too was a size 22. I lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for three years now.

    I don't agree with that author that the reason people have difficulty keeping the weight off is because of their wrong headed ideals of beauty (my words). In my opinion, the reason people have difficulty keeping the weight off is because it is "inconvenient" to make the lifestyle changes necessary for true weight maintainence. This includes forgoing the drive thrus.

    I sat in a Weight Watchers meeting for four years, every week. In that time I only saw 2-3 others reach goal. The same people were there every week, and stayed the same size. Their main stated reason was that "it's hard". Meanwhile they talked about Dairy Queen and what they could get at the BK and Cool Whip treats.

    In one meeting we spoke about simple changes we could make. I mentioned getting out of the car to go into the drugstore to pick up my prescriptions, instead of using the drive-up. One woman loudly gasped and stated to her friends, "I would never do THAT!".

    Everyone(including the article author) wants to think about how our worth is more than a scale number. How true that is. But investing in our own nutrition and health shows how we do or don't value ourselves.

    In the end, it is us who needs to care for us, to embrace our own worth and reparent ourselves like we would a little child. We need to stop feeding ourselves junk, and find new ways of dealing with our emotions besides using food.

    And most of all, stop fooling ourselves. The article author did not reach size 22 simply from indulging in some Chardonnay once in awhile.

    We have to come clean with ourselves about what we are doing, and like all substance users, get on a road to recovery.

  3. I saw you on someone else's blog, and I have e-mailed you a very puzzling question on your "send in" link. Many thanks.


  4. Weight loss is quite a journey! I have lost 122 pounds and my husband says I am a completely different person. I have advised him that I am not really that different but yes there some differences. I think that your basic personality remains the same. I believe I was a kind caring person then and I like to think I am now. However I aquired traits that I did not have before...for example self confidence. I also feel like a very strong woman both physically and mentally ( you can tell by my blog that I have a serious Super Woman issue). I also acquired a trait that is not so nice...self centeredness. Weight loss is a journey...not a fun one and hard for people to understand the struggle. My husband thinks that since I have lost the weight that I can forget about it and move on with my life...fatness is in the past. I tried to explain it is not in my past but it will always be my current and sadly it is hard for him to comprehend (needless to say he is a thin man). For a woman like me I live in a day to day fear that I will slip and fall back into the abyss of fatness.

  5. For my weight loss journey, it really does come down to the kids for. I realized that I could not keep up with my kids, was sending them bad eating messages with my bad habits, and was shortening my life. I am down 50lbs (40 more to go), and we are all eating more healthy, and playing outside more. I am not built for beauty pagents, but I am built to be the best mom I can to my kids!

  6. Andrew, thanks so much for sharing this fabulous find! She ROCKS!!!