Housework Harmony: Building a loving partnership through domestic cooperation

Housework Harmony is a relationship guide for couples who aren’t always satisfied with how they share their domestic workload.

Many surveys over several decades have revealed that housework is consistently among the most contentious topics in many homes. As far as stress inducers go, doing the dishes is right up there with sex, money, and in-laws. For example, one study involving 148 American couples found that 94 percent of couples fight about domestic work sharing and 73 percent have these quarrels often. S.C. Johnson & Son surveyed 2,000 people in 2011. They found that 57% of women are dissatisfied with the amount of support their man provides around the house.

Housework Harmony turns this problem into an opportunity by showing you how to replace tension and resentment with supportiveness and a growing sense of closeness. This book uncovers the many behavior patterns, commonly held assumptions, societal pressures, and other hidden landmines that influence how couples choose to share their domestic workload. Housework Harmony provides alternative approaches that will have you and your significant other cooperating like never before, opening the door to a loving partnership that will spill over into all aspects of your relationship.

Housework Harmony makes a great bridal shower gift!

5-Star Reviews for Housework Harmony

“The conversational style and humor in this self-help book make it an easy read. [The author] has an uncanny ability to get inside the heads of males and females and offers realistic approaches to resolve recognizable conflict situations in language that is easy to understand. Housework Harmony will help you communicate effectively as a loving partner so you can get what you need. I highly recommend this book.”

    – Gayle Hayes, author of The Sunset Witness

“This book was Amazing! I rated it a 5 star because it is. The writer applied both female and male sides to perfection. In this book the writer has it perfected for readers to find Harmony, not only in housework but in a bonding relationship. Great work!”

    – Doris McKay

“Andrew McAllister manages to sweep the excuses, arguments and bantering over household chores into the dust bin while presenting both men and women with practical angles and solutions for sharing the load. The down-to-earth, humorous slant keeps you engaged and listening while he points out sensible answers and ways to defuse and channel your concerns and needs into a resolution you can both be happy with. Would suggest this as a gift for every new couple starting a life together and for every established couple having issues. This book can only strengthen a relationship!”

    – DebiLyn Smith, author of Running From Cancer

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Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized Access is a fast-paced romp reminiscent of the early works of John Grisham. Think of the movie The Fugitive with Harrison Ford, or The Firm with Tom Cruise – that's the type of suspenseful action you can expect from Unauthorized Access.

The idea for this book came to me one day when I was listening to an Internet security expert being interviewed on public radio. “Can you imagine what would happen,” he said, “if someone managed to take down the computer systems at a bank?” Well that remark got me imagining exactly that.

Unauthorized Access tells the story of Rob Donovan and Lesley McGrath, a recently engaged young couple living in Boston. Rob receives an emergency call from his boss at the First Malden Bank after the first successful cyberattack in American banking history scrambles thousands of account records. First Malden’s survival is on the line as furious customers and voracious reporters descend on the bank. Rob is part of the team trying to fix the damage, until the FBI charges him with the crime and brings his world crashing down. Facing prison time for Rob and the loss their future together, the couple’s only chance of reclaiming their lives lies in cutting through a web of mistrust and betrayal to uncover the startling truth behind the attack.

5-Star Reviews for Unauthorized Access

“From the minute you start this book, you’re in it until it’s over. You’ll be hooked.”

    – Jacqui Brown, author of Dancing With The Devil

“Andrew McAllister is a master of suspense. If you haven’t taken a break before the middle, forget it - you won’t want to put it down.”

    – Ella Medler, author of Blood Is Heavier

“I literally devoured this book.”

    – RenĂ©e-Ann Giggie, author of Stella’s Plea

“An excellent debut thriller that will have you reading spellbound to the end.”

    – Linda Hall, author of Steal Away

Available now in paperback and Kindle e-book from

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